Chris Y Perez

Stomach Flu

Photo (L-R): Mom Chris, Grandma Dolly, and Amor. Thank you Grandma for helping us get on this path of natural healing!

I thought my kids were too old to catch the bug but when my 17-year-old daughter Amor lost her appetite, vomited, and had a low-grade fever, I knew we were dealing with stomach flu.

Stomach flu is very contagious, especially for young kids. Children who catch the virus usually vomit and have tummy aches. This may be accompanied by malaise, low-grade fever, and diarrhea. Thankfully stomach flu is self-limiting and will resolve on its own without medical treatment.

Thankfully we knew the drill.  When my kids were younger their pediatrician took the time to explain what stomach flu was, how our body works to purge it, and how we can support our body to deal with it. I wrote about this in my book, “If Grandma was a Doctor: The Science behind Traditional Medicine.” I still appreciate that doctor.  It made it so easy for us to help Amor deal with this round of the stomach bug.

With the right support, Amor was good the next day. Her fever was gone, she was up and about and her appetite improved. She only had mild diarrhea on day 3. That indicated that she successfully flushed out the bug.

It may have been a minor ailment but since Amor has a history of epilepsy we need to take an extra precaution when she’s sick.   We opted not to medicate Amor’s seizures because previous medication burdened her liver and her health. Instead, we used diet and nutrition to overcome her seizures.  Perhaps that’s the reason why she is stronger today.  Nevertheless, I always feel the urge to support her when she’s sick. She needed to fight the viral infection to manage fever symptoms.  Thankfully something as simple as garlic is a powerful antiviral. It helped Amor fight the bug and shorten the fever.

Amor has not had any seizures in the past years, not even in the few episodes when she had a fever.  She remains strong and seizure-free.