Chris Y Perez

Grandma Was Right

Grandma Was Right

As a young parent, I always rushed my special needs twins to the doctor even if they were only mildly sick. Seeing the bag of medicines I usually brought home, my mother would often suggest foods or herbs to aid my children’s recovery. Regrettably, I was a stubborn young parent, dismissing her advice and placing more trust in the advancements of modern medicine.

It took me far too long to realize there is no substitute for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I had to study to become a nutritional therapist to finally realize that my mother had been right and that science had caught up with what elderly folks had always known.

It is important to keep passing this generational wisdom, so I wrote and dedicated a book to my mother, “Grandma” of my children. Titled, “If Grandma was a Doctor: The Science Behind Traditional Remedies.”

Thanks to Grandma, my children enjoy natural ways to stay healthy. She is a shining example of vibrant health!

Paperback and Kindle book copies are available at Amazon.