Chris Y Perez

Thanks to my daughter, I became a nutritionist

When my daughter, Amor, developed seizures at puberty, I wanted to explore diet options before needing to medicate her. Based on her health history, I knew her liver could not handle longer-term, possibly lifetime medication.  I asked our neurologist to postpone medication to give me time to research possible causes of seizures for young, special needs, teens, and so that I could address them appropriately. I found her seizures were related to her menstrual cycle and her food intolerances. I adjusted her diet and supported her hormones with natural foods. Thankfully her seizures started to decrease in frequency and intensity.

By that time, I had already spent so much time researching how to support Amor’s twin brother, Nathan, to overcome autism challenges. I knew I needed to do so much more to help Amor overcome her seizures. I was doing so much research that I decided to make it official and study to become a nutritionist.

My studies confirmed the effectiveness of what I had been doing for Amor. One year into my studies, Amor’s seizures stopped. By the time I graduated, Amor had been seizure-free for 2 years.

After one year of no seizures, I asked Amor’s neurologist to check her brain waves (electroencephalogram or EEG). Based on her EEG, the doctor wrote that she is not likely going to have a major seizure again. He told Amor that he was so proud of her. He also told her to keep doing what she was doing to stay strong and healthy!

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